Custom Order Information

1. Custom orders are for wax, foaming scrubs, air fresheners and sprays only. The sprays are safe for both body & linen.

2. I call 3-5 people up at a time. Once those customs are finished and shipped I will call the next two names up. There is a file here in the group called Custom Order List, it can show you were you are in the line up.

3. In an effort to make it easier to get on the list and not have it disappear in the group, I have created a link for you to go to and add your name and email address. To sign up for customs head to and leave your name and email address. Once it is your turn to be called up for a custom order I will email you at the email address you have provided when you signed up for the list or contact you via Facebook.

4. Out of respect and fairness for those not on the list yet, please do not re-add yourself to the list until after you have been called up the first time and that has been completed.

5. When you are called up you have 48 hours to decide your custom order, once you have decided what you like, you have another 48 hours to pay for your custom order via the website listing I for you or a PayPal invoice. You can also pass your turn if you need to. You can sign up as many times as you would like for custom orders.

6. At this time custom orders must be created from the list below if they are $35 or less in total. For custom orders of $35 or more (in total) you may choose fragrances that are not on the list for your custom order if they are fragrance oils that I can locate for you.

7. Custom Order Fragrance List for customs under $35 (list is subject to change, you may blend up to 4 scents from the list below for your custom order)

-Agave Lime

-Avobath Type


-Birthday Cake

-Blackberry Sage

-Blueberry Meringue Torte

-Blue Sugar

-Buttercream Cupcakes

-Cherry Marshmallow

-Cotton Candy

-Creme de Menthe Whip

-Fizzy Soda

-Flannel Sheets

-Fruit Loops

-Herbal Lavender

-Lavender Chamomile

-Lavender Vanilla

-Lemon Curd

-Mac Apple

-Marshmallow Bomb (Marshmallows & Cake Batter)

-Marshmallow Fireside

-Marshmallow Fluff

-Peppermint Fluff

-Peppermint Swizzle Sticks

-Pink Sugar

-Rose Jam Type

-Rosemary Mint

-Salty Sea Air


-Snow Fairy Type


-Strawberries & Cream

-Strawberries & Champange

-Sugar Cookies

-Sugared Mandarin

-Sweet Lavender

-Tea & Cakes

-Toasted Marshmallow

-Twilight Type: Lavender, Ylang-Ylang, Tonka

-Vanilla Bean Noel

-Vanilla Buttercream

-Vanilla Sandalwood

-Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough

-Vanilla Wafers

-Velvet Sugar


-Zucchini Bread

-7 Up Pound Cake

7. Pricing

-6 oz mini loaves: $8.50

-26 oz large loaves: $28.50

-Scent Shots: 5 for $9.25 (must order at least 5 of the same scent, scent shots are 1.7-1.8 oz oval scent shot cups)

-Clamshells: 4 for $13.50 (must order at least 4 of the same scent)

-Small Shapes: 15 for $12.50 (skulls, hearts, flowers, gingerbread men, paw prints, christmas lights, snowflakes, swirl/spinner, squares)

-Large Shapes Are Available, We Can Discuss Your Options & Sizes

-Body Spray (4 oz bottle) 2 for $13.50 (Must be at least 2 of the same scent)

-Foaming Scrubs (8 oz jar; net wt. 11-12 oz) 2 for $25 (Must be at least 2 of the same scent)

– Air Fresheners (4 oz glass jars with perforated lids) 2 for $18 (Must be at least 2 of the same scent)

8. Shipping begins at $7.25 in the US and $15.25 to Canada and may be more if you have a very large custom order.

9. Turn around time on custom orders will be 2-3 weeks, though I make every effort to complete them prior to that.

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