Custom Order Information

1. Custom orders are for wax, foaming scrubs, jewelry and sprays only. The sprays are safe for both body & linen.
2. You may place a custom order at anytime! Just email me at to discuss or message me via social media.
3. Custom orders must be created from the list below if they are $35 or less in total price. Custom orders of $35 or more (in total) you may choose fragrances that are not on the list for your custom order if they are fragrance oils that I can locate for you.
4. Custom Order Fragrance List for customs orders totaling under $35 (list is subject to change, you may blend up to 4 scents from the list below for your custom order)
-Agave Lime
-Avobath Type
-Birthday Cake
-Blackberry Sage
-Blueberry Meringue Torte
-Blue Sugar
-Buttercream Cupcakes
-Cherry Marshmallow
-Cotton Candy
-Creme de Menthe Whip
-Fizzy Soda
-Flannel Sheets
-Fruit Loops
-Herbal Lavender
-Lavender Chamomile
-Lavender Vanilla
-Lemon Curd
-Lemon Marshmallow Whip
-Lord of Misrule
-Mac Apple
-Marshmallow Bomb (Marshmallows & Cake Batter)
-Marshmallow Fireside
-Marshmallow Fluff
-Peppermint Fluff
-Peppermint Sugar
-Peppermint Swizzle Sticks
-Pink Sugar
-Rose Jam Type
-Rosemary Mint
-Salty Sea Air
-Snow Fairy Type
-Strawberries & Cream
-Strawberries & Champange
-Sugar Cookies
-Sugared Mandarin
-Sweet Lavender
-Tea & Cakes
-Toasted Marshmallow
-Twilight Type: Lavender, Ylang-Ylang, Tonka
-Vanilla Bean Noel
-Vanilla Buttercream
-Vanilla Sandalwood
-Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough
-Vanilla Wafers
-Velvet Sugar
-Zucchini Bread
-7 Up Pound Cake
5.  Pricing
-6 oz mini loaves: $8.50
-12.5 oz cake: $14.75
-14.5 oz cake with embeds: $16.75
-25 oz large loaves: $27.50
-Scent Shots: 5 for $9.25 (must order at least 5 of the same scent, scent shots are 1.7-1.8 oz oval scent shot cups)
-Clamshells: 4 for $13.50 (must order at least 4 of the same scent)
-Small Shapes: 15 for $12.50 (skulls, hearts, flowers, gingerbread men, paw prints, christmas lights, snowflakes, swirl/spinner, squares)
-Large Shapes Are Available, We Can Discuss Your Options & Sizes
-Body Spray (4 oz bottle) 2 for $13.50 (Must be at least 2 of the same scent)
-Foaming Scrubs (8 oz jar; net wt. 11-12 oz) 2 for $25 (Must be at least 2 of the same scent)
-Custom crystal necklace: $15
-Custom crystal ring: $10
-Custom crystal bag: starts at $20
6.. Shipping starts at $8.25 in the US, $16 to Canada and $32 elsewhere. It could be more depending upon the size of your order.
7. Turn around time on custom orders will be 2-3 weeks, though I make every effort to complete them prior to that.
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